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Nous vous signalons la parution d’un ouvrage collectif consacré au thème de la déification dans la mystique chrétienne, de l’antiquité à l’époque moderne.

9780815393245.jpgMystical Doctrines of Deification. Case Studies in the Christian Tradition. Edited by John Arblaster and Rob Faesen (Routledge 2018)

Voici la présentation de l’éditeur:

« The notion of the deification of the human person (theosis, theopoièsis, deificatio) was one of the most fundamental themes of Christian theology in its first centuries, especially in the Greek world. It is often assumed that this theme was exclusively developed in Eastern theology after the patristic period, and thus its presence in the theology of the Latin West is generally overlooked. The aim of this collection is to explore some Patristic articulations of the doctrine in both the East and West, but also to highlight its enduring presence in the Western tradition and its relevance for contemporary thought. »

Vous pouvez découvrir ici la table des matières du volume.